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Revved Up Kids self-defense for children was designed to help parents with one of their most challenging issues. How do you tell your children that there are people in the world who would kidnap, rape or murder them? The thought of this paralyzes most parents, and many prefer not to scare their children with this information. In fact, predators benefit when children don’t know about them. Yes, it’s a terrifying topic to discuss with your children, but for their safety, it must be done.

After years of teaching our own children about predators, and giving them tools and information to stay safe, we decided that it was important to help other parents keep their children safe, too. In spring 2009, we began forming Revved Up Kids, LLC. Our goal in creating this company was to shine a light on the criminals who prey on children, to educate parents about who they are and how they operate, and to make sure that all children know they’re allowed to say no.

We offer training through a number of channels, including our classes, workshops and seminars. We also partner with other organizations in Atlanta and across the country who are dedicated to the safety of children. Please browse our site for an overview of our programs, or give us a call to learn more. We hope to see you soon at a class or in a seminar.

Be Smart, Be Strong & Be Safe,
Allison & David Neal, Co-Founders, Revved Up Kids, LLC